Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond – A Needed Helping Hand

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A community-based NGO in Zanzibar, the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond provides vital support for the conservation of sea turtles. While it gets local communities involved in protecting turtles, it also welcomes volunteers to come join in their conservation efforts.


Where it’s located

The centre and can be found at the island’s northern tip at Nungwi village beside a naturally formed tidal pool. Those holidaying at a Zanzibar beach resort and planning a visit here should be on the lookout for the area’s lighthouse which serves as a prominent landmark.

Conservation in action

Fishermen who come across turtles caught in their net bring them to the centre, as are any turtle eggs found on the shore; they are kept safely here till they hatch and are then released. Nature lovers should head to the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond and it makes for an interesting day excursion from local resorts the likes of The Residence Zanzibar by Cenizaro.

Types of turtles

Amongst the turtle species that one can find here include the hawksbill turtle and the green turtle, both of which are endangered. Unfortunately, these turtles are sometimes hunted for their meat (green turtle) or their shells (hawksbill turtle).

Other activities

As part of its ongoing efforts, the centre conducts beach patrols, looks to protect turtle nesting sites and organises beach cleanups. Educating locals about the importance and need for conservation is also carried out as are tourism activities that are community-based.

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