Most Beautiful Trail Journey You’ll Experience – A magical journey


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The train journey from Kandy to Ella or the other way around is regarded as one of the most scenic train routes in Sri Lanka. Read on to know more about travelling in this awe-inspiring route.

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A seven-hour long train ride may sound too long but once it starts moving, you will start to cherish each second as you travel along the meadows, paddy fields, hills, the formidable mountains and yes the lush green forests and serene tea plantations. The travelling experience is unique and will certainly be a worthwhile experience.

Train travel in Sri Lanka
Travelling by train during your time in Sri Lanka is an ideal way to save money, its not only cheap but also very comfortable. You can walk around if you get bored, meet new people, snack on some food and even read books leisurely. On a traveller’s standpoint, it is an idyllic way to explore Sri Lanka.

Tickets and classes
You can book your tickets by visiting the train station and there are three ticket classes that are graded by the levels of comfort they offer. The first class is regarded as the comfiest compartments while the third is outfitted with less comfortable seats and are normally crowded. The second class sits in the middle and is less comfy than the first.

Don’t miss out!
Bring your camera along during your trip since you would come across a lot of Instagram-worthy locations during your travel. Try tasting the snacks that vendors occasionally bring in and sell within the compartments. Try to speak with a local (most of the Sri Lankans can speak English) which will indeed be a fun experience.

Travel packages
Most of the holiday packages in Sri Lanka that are offered by reputed tour companies the likes of Holidays by Designincludes the Kandy-Ella train travel option. If yours doesn’t have it make sure you have them include this train travel as it should not be missed.

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