Mui Ne’s Fairy Stream – A Tranquil Experience!

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A small yet beautiful stream flow in-between formidable cliffs providing a pathway; make sure that you walk along the stream barefoot and bond with Mother Nature with a tranquil experience.


Among the many streams in Vietnam, one stands out with its unique and distinctive colour of the water that comes out of the stream and its surrounding that makes you think that you are in the land of fairies. The stream is located to the west of the Mui Ne town.

File:SuốiTiên(Mũi Né)JMHullot.jpg
Jean-Marie HullotSuốiTiên(Mũi Né)JMHullotCC BY 3.0

Are there fairies here?

Certainly Not! Nobody has ever seen a fairy here, but you might wonder why it got the name as the Fairy Stream? It all has to do with the pitted rock formations on the sides of the stream which seem like the perfect hiding place for any potential fairies which is how the stream got its name.

Why is the water red?

The Fairy stream is also known as the soft red creek as the stream features reddish water that flows in between the rocky outcrop. This is because of the clay and limestone particles that contain red pigments that get filtered through the strange looking rock formations at its shores.

File:Suối Tiên (Mũi Né).jpg
Ian Armstrong from Travelling the world at moment, Australia, Suối Tiên (Mũi Né)CC BY-SA 2.0

Things to do and visiting here

The stream is located a while away from Mui Ne and from any one of the Vietnam luxury resorts the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort. It can be easily accessed by a relaxing walk or by a tuk-tuk. The entrance to the stream is free and it will take an hour to reach the end of the stream. There are a number of food stalls along the pathway and visitors can enjoy stunning views across the stream as they gorge on some of the tastiest Vietnamese snacks. You can even climb up to the top of the sand dunes if you like.

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