Museum Bahari Bintan – Discovering a Rich Maritime Heritage

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If you love maritime history or just want to learn more about Bintan’s rich history, a visit to the Museum Bahari Bintan is in order. Here you can not only see models of traditional vessels but find out about local culture as well.

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Getting there

The museum can be found on Bintan Island which is a part of the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Easy to access from a well-placed Bintan Beach resort hotel, this attraction lies along Pulau Bintan near the Warung Mak tea house.

An apt home

One cannot write about the Museum Bahari Bintan without first highlighting its design; believe it or not, this museum is housed in a building which has been designed like a ship! Located 30 minutes from The Residence Bintan by Cenizaro, this structure is bound to give one the feeling of going on a voyage.

Featured exhibits

Inside, visitors can look forward to seeing an eclectic collection of exhibits; find out about a fishing building that floats known as “the kelong” as well as see an array of model ships including the traditional “pompong” vessel.

More than just boats

The Museum Bahari Bintan features more than just information and models of boats though; in fact, here you can also learn about the Orang Laut, nomadic sea tribes who are interlinked with the region’s maritime history.

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