Museum of Christian Art Goa – An Essential Heritage Site Worth Experiencing

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Goa is one of India’s most tourist-centric areas. In addition to its coastal splendour, it is a place of much heritage and the Museum of Christian Art is a treasure-trove of historical wonders.

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This is one of the most unique attractions in the entire country and is interestingly the only Christian museum of Asia. This alone makes visiting it an essential experience; if you are staying at a Goa resort while on holiday including the likes of Alila Diwa Goa then planning an excursion here is definitely worth considering.

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The museum was built quite recently and was opened to the public in 1994. Its development was spearheaded by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage along with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation of Portugal. It was initially located in the Seminary of Rachol, also in Goa, but was later relocated to the Convent of Santa Monica where it currently resides.

Church of the Weeping Cross

The Convent of Santa Monica is famous for having a cross that apparently bled during the 17th century. Despite this earning the convent profound significance, it was subject to disrepair and neglect. As part of the museum’s relocation, the famous Church of the Weeping Cross received an extensive restoration.

Best time to Visit

The museum opens every day from 9:30am to 5pm. If you wish to avoid the crowds, then you might want to consider not going during October to March which is the tourist season where the crowds are at their most formidable.

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