Must see attractions in Johor Malaysia – For a Fun-filled vacation experience!

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Malaysia being one of the most visited travel destinations in the Southeast Asian region is home to a plethora of attraction that is well worth visiting. Read on to know about four of those places that you must not miss visiting during your time in Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia | Image Credit : milst1, <a href="">Legoland Malaysia</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>
Legoland Malaysia | Image Credit : milst1, Legoland Malaysia, CC BY-SA 2.0

JB Old Town

The old town of Johor Bahru is filled with food stalls and cafes where you can savour some of the tastiest treats of Malaysia. The town is also home to critically pained walls and roads which are a spectacle to watch and a stroll through the town will certainly be an experience worth your while.

Lego Land

Home to over 40 interactive rides, attractions and shows the Lego Land in Malaysia is an ideal place to spend some fun-filled family time with your loved ones. The lego themes park also feature a water park where you can cherish a fun-filled day beating the tropical sun.

Pasar Karat

The Pasar Karat is the name of the market located in the city of Johor. The market houses a myriad of stalls and shops that sell decadent food, souvenirs, clothes and so much more. You can visit the market at any time of the day and some shops here are open until midnight.

Mall of Medini

The mall of Medini located amidst service apartments in Nusajaya and a number of accommodation options likes of Somerset Medini Iskandar Puteri is an expansive shopping complex located at heart of Johor Malaysia. The mall features many flagship stores that specialize in selling branded goods along with a myriad of attractions within. Visiting the mall during your time in Johor will certainly be an exciting thing to do.

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