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Next Stop in Hong Kong – Garden of Stars – celebrating Hong Kong’s movie legends

Hong Kong’s film industry has given audiences in Asia, and further abroad, several top rated films along with an unforgettable list of legendary movie stars. The Garden of Stars pays tribute to the actors and actresses who helped make this cosmopolitan city stand out with its talent, with several fun and entertaining exhibitions. Centrally located in Tsim Sha Tsui, close to several hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong, uch as the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong, for example, the venue can be easily reached by several forms of public transport.

Officially, the “Avenue of Stars” is the main venue where you can view over a hundred hand prints of local stars, colourful exhibitions, and watch musical and drama performances that highlight the various techniques and talent. However, the Avenue of Stars was temporarily closed for renovations, with completion expected in 2018. Until then, the Garden of Stars was designed to provide an area for some of the star attractions to be displayed nearby.

The Garden of Stars comprises of a few selected pieces of commemorative sculptures of Hong Kong film Awards and celebrated actors, including a sculpture of Hong Kong’s most famous action star, Bruce Lee. There are several hand-print plaques belonging to local movie stars and directors, past and present. Some of the more noted hand-prints include Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. There’s also the crowd favourite, the Starlight Cinema; a giant 360 degree painting, which stretches over 63 meters in length, featuring classic movie scenes with 43 acclaimed movie stars in a cartoon mural. In addition, other exhibitions include 9 light poles, which feature quotes from famous movies along with other movie themed decor.

The Garden of Stars is situated on the Waterfront Podium Garden, overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbour and the city skyline. The best time to visit is after dark when “A Symphony of Light” takes place. The show is a 14 minute long, light and sound extravaganza, which happens daily.

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