Old Friday Mosque – Male’s Own Mosque of Wonder

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The mosque is famous for having people of all religions walking into it just for the architecture and view it offers.


Structured beautifully with coral stones that have intricate designs etched onto them, the mosque walls are a wonder to look at as they have the Quran chiselled in them.

David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada, Old Friday Mosque (32840283891)CC BY 2.0

How to Enter

To enter the mosque as a visitor, you need to obtain permission from an official who works at the ministry, but your Maldives beach resort help desk can walk you through how to dress and be respectful when you do ask for the permission.

File:Male-entrada de la mesquita de coral blanc.jpg
Jolle~commonswikiMale-entrada de la mesquita de coral blancCC BY-SA 3.0


As it is on Male, you might have to get a speedboat to reach the mosque if you are staying at a resort like Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives. The outside of the mosque does not impress you at a glance as it is mostly covered with metal sheets and unsightly objects. But, once you step in, you will be in awe.


Its sophisticated wood carvings and craftsmanship will take you back to a time when art took years to complete. The mosque was built to face Mecca, therefore, it looks over towards the sunsets daily and makes for a mind-blowing view from its windows.

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