Pasikuda Travel Guide – Breathtakingly beautiful town

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Pasikuda is the latest fad in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Lined with some of the most enchanting shallow waters, the beaches of Pasikuda is something that one can never quite get enough of.

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Yes, what better way to start your holiday in Pasikuda than within the soothing surrounds and luxuries of your choice of accommodation? Scattered with many hotels in Pasikuda, Sri Lanka you can base yourself in a place such as Amaya Beach Resort and Spa, which gives easy access to many attractions.

Let the adventures begin

Should you be unsure of what things or activities to engage in then do consult the hotel or resort that you are staying at for the duration of your holiday in this part of the world and they would readily assist you in planning out an itinerary that would showcase the very best of what Pasikuda as an exotic location has to offer travellers.


Aside from diving and snorkelling, the Pasikuda sea is perfect for a range of other water sports such as jet skiing and swimming. The coastline is almost entirely taken up by huge hotels from well-known local companies, providing quality assured water sports facilities.


Unlike a city like Colombo, Pasikuda is a rural area with long empty stretches of road and some war-battered buildings scattered on the more secluded areas. The sleepy town areas and the long stretches of scenic roads are ideal for some cycling during most times of the day.


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