Penyengat Island – An Enigmatic Locale with Rich History


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Indonesia can be a remarkable place with so much to offer, especially for those with a taste for heritage sites. Penyengat Island is one of these enticing places.

Image Credit-Achmad Rabin TaimPulau PenyengatCC BY 2.0


This island is part of the Riau Islands Province and it lies a very short distance away from the capital island of Bintan. The island is historically significant and dates back to the 18th century.


During the 1700s the island featured a fort which was built by the Bugis for the Sultanate of Johor-Riau. One of the most notable heritage sites on the island is the tomb of Raja Ali Haji, who is considered an Indonesian National Hero.

Getting There

The island can easily be reached through the use of a boat, especially the kinds of boat known as pompongs. If you’re residing in Bintan accommodation along the likes of The Residence Bintan by Cenizaro then you’ll be able to easily procure a ride.

Masjid Raya Sultan Riau

This beautiful mosque is fantastical sight and is painted in vibrant pastel shades of yellow and green. The minarets of the mosque are adorned with tall conical spires that give it a very gothic look, which is contrasted with the bright colours. Although the mosque is open to visitors, be sure to respect its religious nature and dress appropriately when visiting.

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