Plan the Perfect Family Vacation – An Unforgettable Time for All


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Thinking of a family getaway since the summer vacation is around the corner? Here are some important things to keep in mind when planning!

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Image Credit: Avani Hotels & Resorts

The Right Destination

Get the family together and jointly come up with an agreed upon vacation destination. It could be a place where you can spend lots of time at the beach or maybe to explore the mountains. The destination can also vary depending on the attractions and activities you and your family are keen on.

Selecting Accommodation

It’s of paramount importance you find accommodation that all can enjoy; failure to do so will result in disaster! Consider choosing properties of established hospitality brands the likes of Avani Hotels & Resorts which offer special rooms, facilities and services for families that help make a stay comfortable and memorable.

AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa - AVANIKIDS
Image Credit: Avani Hotels & Resorts

Finding Great Deals

Going on a family vacation can sometimes be costly, though do remember you can find some amazing deals including on the official property websites. Many chains have offers on hotel bookings which can come with everything from room rate discounts to additional benefits which provide great value for money.

Plan, But Don’t Over Plan!

It’s important to come up with a plan for your vacation which can include everything from taking care of logistics to an attraction and activity itinerary. However, do remember not to over plan either and keep time for relaxing and just hanging out with each other!

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