Preparing for a Vacation Overseas – Pre-trip Essentials

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So you’ve decided where you are going on holiday this summer and are already thinking of all the things you are going to do. But wait! Here are some other essential elements you need to keep in mind as well.

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Preparing for Any Eventuality

Ensure your travel documents, passport and visa are in order and it helps to have photocopies of them too. Some of the best travel tips include spending on travel insurance, registering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or relevant embassy and packing any prescribed medication you may need.

Choosing Packages

Before booking your hotel or resort, look for suitable packages. For example, hospitality groups such as Park Hotel Group have special family packages as well as offers with specific benefits that can add more value to your stay.

Planning Your Budget

Your budget does not only include the cost of your ticket and accommodation. Research and find out if the attractions you plan to visit charge entry fees (it can vary for locals and foreigners) and the costs for transport and food. Also, plan how much you are going to carry in cash which can be used for small payments.

Packing Smart

Check what the excepted weather will be at your destination of choice and pack accordingly. Consider rolling your clothing when packing than folding, since it can help to save space. If visiting religious sites, keep in mind that you may also need attire that will cover bare shoulders and legs.



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