Qatar’s Inland Sea – The Spectacular Khor Al Adaid

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There are many geographical wonders in the Middle East, from Sir Bani Yas Island to the sprawling green of Salalah. One of the many wonders that Qatar has to offer is this famous inland sea.

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The inland sea, due to its calm nature, has been a refuge for many pirates. The most famous was Jasim Bin Jabir, who was also known as Raqraqi. He plagued British ships for years with his crew.

UNESCO Natural Reserve

This sea is quite unique, in the sense that it’s rare to find a large body of water that reaches far into the desert land. The inland sea and the surrounding area are widely described as a place of unimaginable beauty.


There’s a bounty of wildlife to be found in the vicinity, especially where birds are concerned. You can easily find many endangered species such as well, such as sea-turtles and important creatures like Arabian Gazelles.

Getting There

There are no roads leading to Khor al Adaid, and you should procure the use of a 4X4 in order to reach this place. You can definitely reach the inland sea by boat as well. If you’re residing at one of many 5 star hotels in Doha to be found, like Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, then they would be able to arrange a trip for you.

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