Quirky Places in Bangkok – From the Mesmerising to the Macabre!

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While you may think you know all about Bangkok, there are some places not always mentioned on guidebooks or blog sites. Here are some of those worth visiting.

Erawan Museum

In Samut Prakan, you will come across the arresting sight of a large three-headed elephant; based on Hindu mythology, this structure is part of a unique museum that’s easy to reach from Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. The interior is based on the concept of the Hindu representation of the universe and features diverse antiques, religious objects and pottery.

Fotograf / Photographer: Heinrich Damm (User:HdammHdamm at de.wikipedia.org), Erawanmuseum2003CC BY-SA 3.0

Bangkok Forensic Museum

Also referred to as the Siriraj Medical Museum, this attraction can be found at the Siriraj Hospital, within easy reach of Bangkok resorts and hotels. Some would find this museum a bit on the macabre side since it displays preserved body parts and malformed babies, dissections, skeletons and even the remains of an infamous local serial killer. Tip: having a strong stomach recommended!

Shrine of Goddess Tubtim

This is one of the most unusual shrines in Bangkok since it features lots of phallic objects and sculptures of all shapes and sizes! The shrine has been built in honour of the fertility Goddess Tubtim who is believed to help those trying to get pregnant or giving birth. It will no doubt arouse (pun intended!) your curiosity.

Scala Cinema

Old world charm abounds at this vintage cinema in Siam Square, a far cry from the glitzy multiplexes of Bangkok. Inside one will find vaulted ceiling with bronzed flowers, a large chandelier, an age-old ticket booth and retro décor that make watching a movie here quite a distinctive experience.

File:Scala Cinema (I).jpg
Supanut ArunoprayoteScala Cinema (I)CC BY 4.0

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