Rawa Island, Malaysia – A Veritable Slice of Heaven

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Surrounded by azure blue waters and soft powdery white sands, Rawa Island is a slice of paradise which should be on everyone’s bucket list of most beautiful places to visit!


A shimmering coral island located just off the east coast of Johor in Malaysia, Rawa Island is a tiny piece of land belonging to the Johor Sultanate. Die-hard beach lovers and travellers can reach it for a day trip or a mini-getaway from many a Johor hotel including the likes of Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johor Baru with ease.

File:Rawa Island, Johor, Malaysia.jpg
Mohd Fazlin Mohd Effendy Ooi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rawa Island, Johor, MalaysiaCC BY 2.0


Seafood lovers can feast to their heart’s content on fresh lobsters, prawns and other seafood dishes prepared in a myriad of ways. A variety of fresh tropical fruits too are available to try out!

Go Snorkelling

Spending some time snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Rawa is a must do the activity. Or simply get yourself a floaty and spend a lazy morning drifting about by the shallows. Do remember to wear plenty of sunscreens, a hat and sunglasses while constantly hydrating yourself to keep cool.

Play sports

Burn some calories in a fun way by playing a game of beach ball or volleyball with your fellow travellers or backpackers. Alternatively, you can head for a long romantic walk by the beach come sunset in the company of your significant other.

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