Repulse Bay Beach – The perfect place for relaxation!


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Looking for a memorable beachside experience? Try out spending some time in the Repulse Bay Beach which is a secluded beach with turquoise waters and a beautiful stretch of sand!

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Located in the southern part of the Hong Kong Island, this beach is well-known for its spectacular bay. The name “Repulse” was derived during in the 19th century when the British army repulsed (attacked) pirates and their naval base during a war. Now, this wave-lapped beach is a popular hotspot among many tourists for its warm climate, balmy atmosphere and amazing attractions around.

Walk from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay

If you are not interested in having a dip in this picturesque beach, then take a leisurely walk along the ‘Seaview Promenade’ from the Deep-Water Bay towards the Repulse Bay. Don’t forget your camera because you’ll certainly be astonished seeing the surrounding lush green hills like Violet Hill and Brick Hill. Your walk along the promenade will make you nostalgic with everlasting memories!


For a good dose of sun, swim, and sand, come over during October to December, as this is when the Repulse Bay Beach quite literally comes alive. Do consider staying at one of the Hong Kong luxury hotels the likes of The Murray Hong Kong, from which the beach is about 16 minutes away.

Kwun Yam Shrine

While having an amazing time on the beach, you’ll find some interesting things to do here. Visiting the Taoist Temple to view the colourful shrine of Kwun Yam Shrine is recommended. Each statue indicates an underlying meaning in Chinese mythology.

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