Safari World Zoo and Park Bangkok – A Day Amidst Wildlife Wonders

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Ara macaws at Safari World -Bangkok
Ara macaws at Safari World -Bangkok | Img Credit : Peter Dickinson from Wherever I hang my hat, Thailand, Ara macaws at Safari World -Bangkok-8aCC BY 2.0


If you and your kids are fans of Jungle Book, then you are bound to love a visit to Safari World Zoo and Park Bangkok. Here you get to drive around wide open spaces where animals roam freely and seem none too perturbed by these human visitors!



Located in the Khlong Sam Wa District, this popular attraction is a bit away from the Bangkok city centre, though can be easily reached be it from a Riverside, Silom or Sukhumvit hotel. The safari park is open from 9am to 5pm and if you are based at places like Emporium Suites by Chatrium it’s only around an hour away.


Choosing an adventure

The Safari World Zoo and Park has two main areas for you to explore. The 480 acre Safari Park section (including a section for birds) is where you can witness diverse wildlife while driving your own vehicle or aboard the park’s bus. You also get a Marine Park which is more like a conventional zoo and that has animal shows as well.



A drive on the wild side

Encompassing 8 km, the Safari Park is home to free roaming gazelles, zebras, antelopes, camels and giraffes to name a few. In another area, you will find more imposing creatures from the animal kingdom be it Himalayan black bears, tigers or lions.



Fun shows galore

At the Marine World section, you will find different shows featuring animals. The dolphin show is one of the most popular here, while you get ones staring elephants and sea lions too. Another highlight is the chance to actually get to feed giraffes; while standing on this special platform you may even be able to get a most unique selfie! 








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