Seasons in Oman – When to go

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The majority of the nation exists in the zone of the dry tropical atmosphere. Muscat, the capital of the nation, is considered as one of driest urban communities of the world.

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May and the next two months of this season are totally dry. With non-attendance of downpours, there are no noteworthy breezes. Likewise, spring air turns out to be extremely hot around early afternoon and during the evening. Beachfront waters are warm to the touch too. A typical hotel in Oman the likes of Desert Nights Camp would be air-conditioned, so you are safe.


Summer starts with expanding the measure of sunlight hours to eleven. Normally the temperature develops too. Anyway, development isn’t so noteworthy. Day by day midpoints are higher than they were in May. There’s no precipitation with the exception of certain downpours in southern districts and morning hazes on the ocean.


First 50% of September as far as climate is like summer. However, during the end of the month, the temperature goes down. In October, the climate is sufficient for opening voyagers’ season. The water heats up and every day is radiant without any murmurs of huge precipitation of mists.


Winter followed by March is the pinnacle of the travel industry in the nation. At January temperatures and dampness levels are in their best state. The water of the ocean and the bay is agreeable too.


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