Sightseeing, food and shopping in Otaru – an enchanting holiday destination

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Otaru is mostly known for its beautiful glass products. Apart from this, the food served at small restaurants around the port is also quite famous and ideal for those seafood lovers out there.


Located about 40km from Sapporo, Ottaru is the perfect sightseeing spot for your next vacation. The main attraction is the Ottaru canal. Walk through this area lined with old warehouses, giving it a very cosy and romantic feel. Another great sightseeing option is the Mt Tengu cable car that overlooks the entire town from an impressive 532m in height. Ride the cable car to view spectacular panoramic views from above. In the winter time, this becomes a ski resort.


Image Credit - Free-Photos Via Pixabay
Image Credit – Free-Photos Via Pixabay

The shopping precinct of Otaru is about 15 mins away from the Otaru station and the street stretches out about 800m lined with many small shops and boutiques that sell glassware, candles and even candy. If you are looking for some good Otaru accommodation close to the shopping district, then you should check out Grand Park Otaru as it is closeby to the Otaru station, making it convenient for all your shopping needs.


Sushi and seafood are two of the most served types of food in Otaru. The fish is fresh as they are all brought in to the harbor from the outskirts of the city. Some of Otaru’s specialty dishes that must be tried out if you are there are Wakadori hanshin age (Deep fried half-chicken) and Ankake yakisoba (Fried noodles with thick sauce)

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