Snorkelling in Sri Lanka’s North East Coast – Investigating the down under

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Northeast Sri Lanka is a delightful shoreline excursion and is adored by a wide range of explorers, be it the sluggish shoreline loungers or the movement darlings.


An excursion to the island isn’t finished exactly when you remain at lovely beach inns, swimming and investigating the world underneath the waters is the appropriate response. Set sail in agreeable, expedient and safe pontoons with aides who will give you the general tour on swimming.

How to get there

Being one of the top things to do in Sri Lanka, snorkelling is made accessible without much travelling and ado with the help of travel options like Cinnamon Air.

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When to dive

Early mornings are the best occasions to set off on a swimming experience as you can drench up the nutrient D in the daylight and furthermore not get sun consumed as the warmth after 10 am starts to get horrendous and will make you got dried out as well. On the off chance that you are a voyaging family with kids, don’t stress, swimming is a kid neighbourly movement and taking a gander at the assortment of dazzling marine life and unlimited seas will open the youthful personalities up like nothing else.

What to expect

On the off chance that you aren’t an incredible swimmer or feel anxious, utilizing life coats is fitting. Moreover, apply a liberal measure of sunscreen, convey water to drink, and wear-free garments, ideally, cotton, for when you hang out on the deck as different kinds of garments will make you feel choked out you.

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