Sri Lanka: The pearl of the Indian Ocean – An island paradise

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Golden beaches, amazing ruins, mountainous landscapes, diverse wildlife, and some of the friendliest people in the world make Sri Lanka an unforgettable holiday destination.

Hikkaduwa Beach
Hikkaduwa Beach | Image Credit: Astronomyinertia, Hikkaduwa2, CC BY-SA 3.0

Over 2,000-year-old culture

The country’s rich history and culture offer up an array of spectacular temples, ancient city ruins and prehistoric caves for travellers to explore. Colonial town’s like Galle Fort are steeped in history yet have managed to successfully combine old and modern to create a perfect travel destination.

Distance is not a problem

See the ancient city of Anuradhapura in the morning, 1 of 8 UNESCO heritage sites around the island, then take in the sound of elephants gathering near a lake in the afternoon. Travelling around the island is easy and affordable. There’s always something to do or see wherever you go so you don’t feel tired out by travelling. There are also several resorts in Sri Lanka so finding accommodation is easy too.

Endless beaches

A golden strip of pristine sand rings the island so you’re never far from a beautiful beach. Sri Lanka’s west coast is famous among travellers for its great beaches and surfing opportunities, not to mention the great hotels like The Blue Water Hotel and Spa, for example. The east coast also has plenty to offer from the surfing haven of Arugambay to the white sands and reefs of Trincomalee.

Head to the hills

Massive mountains, tea plantations, botanical gardens and cooler weather makes the hill country an ideal getaway from the humidity of the coastline.

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