Standing market in Doha – much more than just a shopping experience

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Standing market or Souq Waqif is a collection of passageways filled with small stores that may contain items of interest. Take a look at the eye-catching antique stores and local art galleries here.


Vibrant garments and household items

Finely embroidered cloaks and custom-made robes, don’t forget the beautiful coloured scarves, there is a wide choice from which to take your pick for your wardrobe. Roaming about a little more you will find household items such as pots and pans, ornaments, curtains, and carpets.

The gold souq

Straying away from the main part of the souq will take you to a building with more than 4 0 shops with their main selling items being jewellery. Not just jewellery, but 18 – 22-carat gold! Looking for stunning necklaces, shiny earrings or even fancy watch watches? The gold souq is the place for you.

It’s shisha time

Smoking shisha is quite common among locals especially between March and November when the heat is less. If you happen to stop by this area, the atmosphere will be filled with the sweet scent of shisha smoke and the area will be abuzz with locals conversing while relaxing.

Authentic restaurants

Searching for a place to quench your thirst? Try it the local way, select from numerous restaurants and cafes at Souq Waqif. Treat yourself to delectable Qatari food from restaurants that you will find as you walk through the maze of small shops.

Souvenir hunting

Choose from a range of unique items such as oil lamps, leather goods, and pretty little frailties like pepper and salt shakers. Treasure your memories with these beauties and take a piece of Doha back with you.

Souq Waqif Art Centre

A place for just buying and selling? No, there is more to Souq Waqif than that. It is also a location that houses prized works of art. The pieces of art on exhibit here displays the Qatari life and important events. What’s more? Along the hallways are workstations arranged for talented artists to visit an add a splash of colour to the canvas. If you plan on staying in one of the luxury Doha family hotels, with a promising stay like Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel. do visit this great location.

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