Story of Jabreen Castle of Oman – A timeless monument!

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The Jabreen Castle is one of the most iconic historic monuments in Oman the castle protrudes over the expansive desert landscape featuring intricate architectural aspects. Read on to know more about one off the most treasured buildings in Oman.

Jabreen Castle of Oman| Img by: albinfo via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0


One would certainly be amazed to see the towering brown walls with ornately decorated windows, expansive courtyards and decorated high ceilings. The interior of the building still retains its ancient splendour while the outside has scars from cannons which tells us the tale about the battles and conquests the castle endured.

A little bit of history

Historical sources state that the castle was built during imam Bil’arab bin Sultan’s reign which extends from 1679 to 1692. It is also worth noting that his burial chamber lies inside the castle.

Getting there

Located a few kilometres away from the city of Jabreen you can reach the castle easily by a taxi from the city, if you are stationed at a hotel in Oman the likes of Desert Nights Camp, you can reach out to the front desk where they will arrange transportation.

Nearby attractions and things to do

The region is also popular for desert safaris and desert camping, there is also a fort (Bahla fort) that is located close to the castle along with a number of archaeological sites.



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