Streets and Attractions of Old Wan Chai – Echoes of the Past

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Stewart~惡龍, Wan Chai Pak Tai Temple – 27-12-2006 1-37-28, CC BY-SA 2.5

While Hong Kong is known as a cosmopolitan destination with plenty of hustle and bustle, you will find parts of this metropolis offering one a chance to experience a more laidback old world charm. There is much history and heritage to be found especially in locales like Old Wan Chai where streets lead to traditional buildings and age old temples that offer insights into the past. Basing yourself at a centrally located Wan Chai hotel is a good option since you can easily explore this neighbourhood.

A good place to start is the area in and around Queen’s Road East. Make a point to head to Pak Tai Temple which was built in honour of Taoist god, Pak Tai. The temple which dates back to the mid 19th century features an impressive Pak Tai statue that has been made from copper and stands at three metres in height. Plan to walk along Stone Nullah Lane which will bring you to what is known as the Blue House. Around a 10 minute walk from Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong, this historic building offers architecture enthusiasts a chance to see the design style referred to as Tong Lau which was used when building tenement structures.

Also, close by is the Old Wan Chai Post Office which dates back over a century. It is Hong Kong’s oldest post office that can be still seen and features a bright white exterior. While its days of letters and stamps may be over, it still is of use and today is where you will find the Environmental Resource Centre.

To add some shopping adventures to your exploration of Old Wan Chai make it a point to head to Tai Yuen Street. The area has lots of small shops and stalls lining the streets and one can find everything from herbal medicine to clothing on offer here. For more shopping fun head to Spring Garden Lane where you can find stores selling surplus export items. Best of all is the chance to just wander the streets and soak up the atmosphere of this enchanting part of Hong Kong.

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