Student Tips and Advice: Steps to Success while working for first-timers

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A successful student knows how to balance both studies and a work life as well. However, we understand how intimidating and hard it can get so we have come up with some good tips to make sure you succeed at your new first job.

Choose what you love

Make sure you choose the field that you are passionate about. Sometimes peer and parental pressure can lead us to choose paths in life that we are not into, but always keep in mind that if your heart is not in it, then it will seem daunting to learn to manage both work and studies in a fast-paced environment. Those interested in Engineering courses in Sri Lanka should check out the CINEC Campus as they offer one of the best programs and ample internships during and after completion of the course.

General Tips

Make sure you pay thorough attention at orientation and ask any questions (if you have any) from superiors. Make sure you show up on time and dress appropriately (follow dress code)

Observe and learn from your superiors

Observe their telephone etiquette, lunch break timings, their in/out times at work, what kind of reporting styles do they prefer (oral/written) so that you are well prepared beforehand. Always make sure you learn as much as you can from them.

Be cautious of common irresponsibility at the work place

Avoid taking personal phone calls, sitting idle at your desk or surfing the net such as Facebook etc. make sure you always keep your desk space clean.


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