Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum – A Depository Unlike Any Other

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The Sultanate of Oman is a nation with a fascinating history where battles and warfare are concerned and there is one place where you can truly experience this particular side of Oman’s heritage.

Bayt al Falaj

The museum is housed within the Bayt al Falaj Fort, which is more than a hundred-and-fifty years old. It was initially the headquarters of the Sultan’s armed forces, which definitely makes it a most appropriate setting for the museum.


The weapons exhibits within the fort showcase a range encompassing those that were utilised during the ancient times of the nation to armaments that are still being used today. The fort’s lower rooms focus on the history of Oman, while the upper ones will help you discover the nation’s international relations and military might.

External Exhibits

Some of the best aspects of the museum are located here, such as a selection of military vehicles ranging from armoured limousines to aircraft. You can find dioramas depicting scenes such as military hospitals and scenes from battles.

The Museum’s Popularity

The Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum is such a national treasure that it is constantly on the itineraries of dignitaries. If you’re staying at a beach resort Salalah has to offer such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, be sure to drop by the museum.

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