Dreamland Beach in Bali – A Rare and Hidden Treasure in Bali

Dreamland Beach in Bali truly lives up to its name. It is a stretch of glorious white sand undisturbed by any man-made construction. In fact, Dreamland Beach is among the “hidden beaches” of Bali, one of the very few without a Bali Golf Resort, a Holiday Resort, or a Spa Resort.

To reach this hidden beach, you need to walk about 5km northeast from Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort. It is much shorter if you walk along the beach, though, and not take the established roads. It is a part of the Bukit Peninsula and has a series of rugged limestone cliffs. The beach gained popularity – not to mention accessibility – with the development of Pecatu. With the area being explored more and more, the Dreamland beach became less of a rarity for visitors.

The Dreamland Beach is now a favourite spot for beach lovers, families on picnics, day trippers as well as among surfers. The world renowned reef breaks Balangan and Impossibles are within reach from the Dreamland beach, making it a go-to point for the surfers to paddle out from. If you are looking to simply enjoy a day at the beach, it is better to bring your own foldable chairs and picnic maps. However, there are parasols and deck chairs for rent here at a nominal price. In addition to that, you can indulge in a cheap massage at the Dreamland Beach. Although there are not that many food stalls around now, there are still enough for a snack.The number of food stalls increases during the tourist season and school holidays. However, as is with almost everything in Bali, make sure you bargain hard for both food and the massage. While certain parts of the sea are swimmable, it is advised that you refrain from venturing towards the sea too much due to the presence of strong currents.

Filled with wanderlust that seeks to explore distant shores and captivated by the colors and vibrancy of exotic cultures, Kanya Mae writes on the beautiful, exciting, and enchanting wonders of the world. She is a writer who not only has a passion for travel, but also has a background in fashion, art and media.


Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking – Arduous Trekking for Sun Worship

Mount Agung is also known as Gunung Agung and stands 3,100m above sea level. Not only is it the tallest mountain in Bali, but it is also the most sacred as the locals believe that the summit of the mountain is the home of God. Located in Karangasem Regency, it is among the excursions offered by many a Seminyak Hotel in Bali and is summited by locals and foreigners alike.

Hiking Mount Agung is not a feat to be undertaken by the novice. It is a strenuous climb and requires practice and patience. The time of the climb could be anything between 4 hours to 7 hours, depending on the route you choose. There are two popular routes: via Besakih temple and via Pasar Agung temple.

The route via Besakih temple is the most difficult, but the most rewarding. The route takes you through the thick foliage of the rain forest with its array of animals. The hike takes about seven hours, with the last hour requiring you to get on all fours. The views that you encounter along the way is almost enough to make up for the tiredness, though. At the end of the hike, you would have ascended over 2000m, leading you to a spectacular summit. It is from here that you will be able to see the sunrise, a sight all the more beautiful due to the hard work you put into getting here. The alternative route, the one via Pasar Agung temple is not as tough. It will take only about four hours, and the trek, while by no means easy, is not as tough as the other. However, this route does not take you to the summit itself, but to a point, that is about 400m below the actual summit. The view from here is amazing, as well, though, and you will be looking right into the crater.

The best time to visit Mount Agung is during the night, so you can sit atop the mountain to wait for the sunrise. As you are climbing it in the dark, it is highly recommended that you go with a guide. Hotels like Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort list it as one of their excursions, while there are companies dedicated to taking you up and down Mount Agung.

Filled with wanderlust that seeks to explore distant shores and captivated by the colors and vibrancy of exotic cultures, Kanya Mae writes on the beautiful, exciting, and enchanting wonders of the world. She is a writer who not only has a passion for travel, but also has a background in fashion, art and media.


Nusa Lembongan – A Hidden Gem South-East of Bali

Indonesia is becoming recognised as an ideal tourist destination, especially when it is surrounded by islands such as Bali which are renowned for their beauty. Given that Bali is an established tourism destination, the range of accommodation in Bali to choose from is diverse, ranging from budget lodgings to luxury resorts such as COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali.

If you wish to escape into a place that is far away from civilisation, whose natural splendour and appeal remains untouched and unspoilt, then Nusa Lemongan is the ideal destination for you. The island is located a short distance away from the south-eastern shore of Bali and is so small that an all-round tour can be accomplished in about five hours.

Much like Bali, Nusa Lembongan also derives her main income from tourism. Due to her relative obscurity and distance from more commercialised areas of Bali, the beaches of this tiny island are consistently met with critical acclaim for their cleanliness and serenity. Many would claim that the sand is powdery in composition and the waters are known to be a transparent turquoise. The marine life within the waters of Nusa Lembongan is bountiful and the coral unharmed, making this island an ideal retreat for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. A recent survey revealed that there are over 240 varieties of coral and 562 species of reef fish. Surfing is also a popular occurrence around the island, but there are specific areas that are worthy of surfing and they tend to get quite crowded.

Nusa Lembongan is ideal for a day trip and is easily accessible by speedboat. If you were to charter one from the resort town of Sanur on the east coast of Bali, the ride would generally take about thirty minutes. Serenity within pristine beaches, clear waters teeming with life, and nature that is unspoilt waits on this island, so be sure to visit if you find yourself in Bali.

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