Caicos Conch Farm – Queen Conchs of Royal Descent

The Caicos Conch Farm is located at the tip of Leeward Settlements. It is easily reachable from any part of the Turks and Caicos Islands. For instance, there are only 15km between the farm and the popular COMO Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos which is on the main island. You can opt for a tour of the farm which lasts for about 3 minutes. As there is nothing but conchs to see and admire, this time duration is quite sufficient for an educational experience. The farm raises conchs from veliger to the stage of an adult. The tour includes taking you through different stages of growth of each conch and explaining the process of raising. The farm is spread across an area of about 10 acres, where there is an egg hatchery, a place for the metamorphosis, and an area dedicated to the post-larval development. There are also 80 grow-out ponds on the shore and 150 pens off-shore. The importance of the farm lies in its place in Caribbean customs. The Queen conch has always been a key element of the Caribbean diet, while the shell of the conch has made itself useful in making weapons, tools, jewellery, and as raw material for constructions.
Although you could have seen a Queen conch from virtually any Caribbean luxury resort once upon a time, overfishing has made the species into an endangered one. While there are rules and regulations in place to avoid this situation, they are not as effective as they should be. Thus, the Caicos Conch Farm helps not only to increase awareness of these species but also helps the continuation of its natural life by farming them commercially. Thus, paying them a visit while you are in Turks and Caicos Islands will not only improve your knowledge about a species of aquatic animal that you usually do not come across, but you would also be contributing to preserving a small but vital part of nature for the future generations.

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Caicos Conch Farm – experience to live for

Located within a convenient distance to COMO Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos, the conch farm is a private-run business with world class conch shells on offer. This trip to the conch farm will likely turn out to be a unique experience, seeing as it is the only conch farm in the world! The farm performs a demonstration featuring Sally and Jelly, two trained male and female conchs. The tour gives you a chance to observe the conch pearls too. You can also consider buying fresh conch. The conchs have turned out to be a popular cuisine in the Caribbean. Plus, you will learn a lot about the conchs at the farm. A gift shop is also located on the premises. You can buy conch shells as a gift to your loved ones back home. The conches are available as a salad ingredient, conch fritter and cracked conch. If you did not know all the ways in which this large snail could be savoured, you will after this visit. Book one of the luxury resorts in the Caribbean, so that you can spend a few minutes at the farm at leisure.

Things are arranged neatly in the farm. And it won’t take long to reach the farm if you are in the Caribbean. Apart from the conchs, you can see other schools of fish too in the tanks. Before you begin your tour, the farm will offer you a brief presentation about the creatures about their nature and how they grow, in addition to a brief idea about the technology used at the farm and how it functions. The presentation will take about six minutes and is done in the visitor’s area. A guide will be there throughout your tour to explain anything you want to know. You will be taken to reservoirs where a large variety of conchs live. Among the conchs, you will get to see little ones as well as big ones. You can even touch the small ones. You should not miss this experience, especially if you are travelling with family. If your child is fond of water and marine creatures, then you will be giving them an unforgettable gift.

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Caicos Conch Farm – A Farm like no other

On the island of Providenciales lies a place that is one of a kind, a farm that is like no other, that harvests sea-creatures whose shells are famously used as musical instruments. Such is the nature of the Caicos Conch Farm, which was formed with a vision of pioneering conch development and thus creating jobs, stimulating the economy, protecting conch stocks from exploitation and to provide a low-cost source of protein to the people of the Caribbean.

The Caicos Islands are a tourist hotspot, and contains many of the finest luxury resorts in the Caribbean. One such resort, Parrot Cay by COMO, Turks & Caicos Islands has to offer is located on Providenciales itself, making it a very convenient base for international travelers looking to visit the Caicos Conch Farm.

The farm encompasses ten acres of beautiful seaside property that is owned by the company itself, and a further sixty five acres of underwater pasture that has been under lease from the government for the past ninety seven years. The facility is state of the art and contains all the resources necessary to efficiently and humanely reproduce and develop the unique creatures the company is dedicated to. The Queen Conch is a staple in Caribbean cuisine, and has been so for more than a thousand years due to the rich protein content of the meat. The natives of the land had further utilized the shell of the Queen Conch to craft weapons and tools, jewelry and ceremonial objects, as well as using converting the shell into a musical instrument. Due to over-fishing, the Queen Conch is currently listed as a commercially endangered species, one that the Caicos Farm is working hard to preserve.

As of 2014, the Caicos farm has been investing in projects that will revolutionise under-water farming as well as the ethics that are associated with it. So if you happen to find yourself in the Caribbean, witness history in the making, at the Caicos Conch Farm.

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