Habaraduwa Turtle Hatchery – For the Love of Sea Turtles

If you are an avid wanderer in love with the ocean and looking for ‘things to do in Unawatuna‘, the famous beach destination down south of Sri Lanka, consider a visit to the Habaraduwa Turtle Hatchery. This not-for-profit organization has a single aim and that is to ensure the survival of sea turtles. Begun in 1986, the turtle hatchery has thus far been responsible for saving over 500,000 sea turtle babies and releasing them to the vast ocean.

The volunteers at the centre take turns to wander the beach on nights that female sea turtles make their way to the land area to lay eggs; once the mother swims back to sea, the rescuers take the eggs back to the hatchery where the eggs will incubate within the safety of its bounds, away from predators. When the hatchlings see the light of this world and are strong enough to make the trek towards their real home, rescuers bring them back to the beach and watch them begin the struggle to reach the rough seas; here they will face many more battles to become capable adults.

Many turtle enthusiasts who vacation in beach resort towns down south of Sri Lanka, like CoCo Bay Unawatuna, make it a point to visit the Habaraduwa Turtle Hatchery to see the baby turtles, eggs and injured adult turtles under care of the kind rescuers of the hatchery.

There are five types of turtles that call the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka their home. The angry looking Loggerhead Turtle and the Olive Ridley Turtle are just two of those. There are three more varieties, namely, Leatherback Turtle, Green Turtle and the famous Hawksbill Turtle. If you love sea turtles, don’t miss this chance to see some good hearted people at work trying to save the sea creatures that you love. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to accompany the rescuers to the ocean and watch the ‘little’uns’ make their way into the ocean and perhaps see for yourself the beginning of their precarious journey of life.

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Jungle beach Unawatuna, Sri Lanka – secluded tranquility

Unawatuna is no doubt one of the best beach stretches in Sri Lanka. The beach has long since drawn the attention of travelers far and wide, who come here to enjoy the soothing waters and absorb the tropical sun along clean and powdery beaches.

The Jungle Beach is a tiny bay area that is well hidden from the usual hubbub of the city. Visiting this little-isolated haven is definitely among the best things to do in Unawatuna. The entrance to the beach is through a rather narrow and steep path that will take you to a sign with the name of the beach on it, which is painted on a rock. The entrance to the beach itself can be a bit crowded as there are several sun loungers as well as eateries that serve out quick bites and chilled drinks to the beach-goers. However, this is any case is much less crowded than the actual main line of beach stretch in Unawatuna.

If you want a bit of seclusion all you have to do is to keep walking away from the sun beds and you will see that the bay region is almost devoid of any noise or vendors as well as a lot of people. The Peace Pagoda can also be seen from the beach. The waters of the Jungle beach are famous for being devoid of any strong currents or waves and the relatively shallow nature of the sea, makes it the ideal place for people to enjoy a quiet swim and sunbathing session. It is also a safe spot for beginners to brush up their confidence when it comes to swimming in the sea. No visit to Unawatuna can be finished within a day, and if you are travelling here there, is a host of accommodation options available thanks to the tourism boom such as CoCo Bay Unawatuna and numerous others, that cater to a large range of requirements and budgets.

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Cinnamon Plantations in Sri Lanka – Traditional Spice

The soft southern coasts of Sri Lanka are highly conducive for the flourishing cinnamon plantations; Koggala area in the Galle district is most famous for the ancient plantations developed by the Portuguese and Dutch.

History behind the Flourishing Spice

Cinnamon has always been native to Sri Lanka which brought in the Arabian traders popularising the exotic land as a trading post for spices. The invading Portuguese cutting out the middleman Arab traders, took over the Cinnamon trade. This was limited to harvesting the bark of wild trees. It was once the Dutch took over from the Portuguese that the first cinnamon estates were established and flourish to this day.

Tour of a Cinnamon Plantation – Experience like no other

Greeted by an experienced guide at the estate you will be walked through the vast plantation. On returning to the compound visitors may observe the process in which the bark is peeled; interact and have a go at the intricate art of peeling the bark. Next observe the process of packing the spice after which you are treated to a sumptuous meal at the plantation.

Specifications of the Tour

A typical tour of the estate will take around 2 hours including the delicious cinnamon infused lunch you are treated to. Times are quite flexible and can be arranged to your convenience starting from around 11.30 am. It is advisable to dress in cool light cottons and bring along a shady hat as well as wear appropriate sun screen for your time outdoors.

Hop Over to Unawatuna

Visiting Koggala means you get to experience the best of the Galle district; if you are a seeker of sun sand and fun it is highly recommended that accommodation in the sleepy village of Unawatuna is given some thought. A gorgeous beach surrounded by a turquoise blue bay the village 5kms from Galle is popular for Jungle Beach and tours of Rumassala Hill – one of the most popular things to do in Unawatuna. Jungle beach close to CoCo Bay Unawatuna is a solitary expanse of land accessed via a short trek through a lush jungle.

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