Yala National Park – Wildlife Adventures Await!

Designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900, the park consists of over 215 bird species and six endemic species in Sri Lanka. There have been an approximate 44 mammals recorded in the park and it is said that Yala has the highest concentration of leopards in the world. History In 1560, Spanish cartographer Cipriano Sanchez…

The Secret Garden of Bevis Bawa – A Mystical Hidden Treasure

The garden is located inside the house of famous architect Bewis Bawa and is a gorgeous site to visit if you are driving down to Bentota. The house has a beautiful collection of artworks on display, from sensual sculptures to murals. Bewis Bawa Born in 1909, and a decent of the Dutch Burger ancestry, Bewis…

White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka – Ride through fast-slowing waters!

Would you like to get to know the art of bobbing about in a boat? All nature lovers and thrill seekers alike can tap into the power of nature through an exciting rafting experience in Sri Lanka. Whitewater rafting? ‘Rafting’ is a recreational outdoor activity that requires paddling a raft through frothing and fast-flowing waters….

Kalutara Travel Guide – Embark on an enchanting island escape

The city through which the fascinating Kalu Ganga winds its way through is none other than the famed coastal city of Kalutara. Thrilling water sports, exciting adventures, and rich culture await to amaze you. Richmond Castle At first glance, the regal Richmond Castle features a splendid architectural fusion of structural design from east and west….

Jewels of the Southern Province, Sri Lanka – Delights for the Discerning Visitor

The appealing Southern Province of Sri Lanka boasts an array of attractions for the visitor. Here you will encounter splendid scenery and other attractive natural features worth seeing. Induruwa Beach Discerning leisure seekers will appreciate the opportunity to spend some quality time at the entrancing Induruwa beach. Here you will find a pleasant stretch of…