Talalla Beach – Paradise Rediscovered!

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If you ‘re searching for a secluded beachside destination with shimmering golden shores fringed by towering palms and kissed by frothy cerulean blue waters, Talalla Beach is it!

Image Credit - pasja1000 Via Pixabay
Image Credit – pasja1000 Via Pixabay

How to Get There

Not as well-known as the usual over-crowded beachside destinations in Sri Lanka, the small town of Talalla is located on the southern coast of the island. It can be easily reached via the Southern Expressway from Colombo.

Where to Stay

Despite the fact that the little town has not been overzealously touched by tourism, it is home to quaint guesthouses and some of the best boutique hotels in Sri Lanka including the likes of Soul Resorts. Visitors will most definitely not be hard-pressed to find a suitable place to stay.

Where to Eat

There are several great restaurants and cafés along the beach run by helpful locals such as Zephyr Talalla offering delicious meals for reasonable prices.

Things to Do

Apart from simply lounging under a shady palm by the beach, Talalla Beach is ideal for long walks. The sea is quite calm in this area, so visitors can take a dip without any worry, especially during the hot afternoons. If you’re in search of more exciting activities, Galle is just an hour’s drive away and offers plenty of entertainment options.

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