Tea Plantation, Handunugoda Tea Estate, Ahangama – A Renowned Place of Colonial Heritage

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Sri Lanka is renowned for its exquisite tea, which is served in some of the fanciest hotels in the world. The Handunugoda Tea Estate in Ahangama, is a great place to discover more on the subject.

Tea Plantaion,Sachitha Obeysekara,(CC BY 2.0)

Brief History

The estate is a family-owned enterprise, and covers more than 150 acres. It deals in the some of the highest quality of tea available and produces them in short batches instead of en masse. In addition to tea, the estate also deals in coconut, cinnamon and rubber.

The Tea Factory

The estate has one of the most renowned tea factories on the island, and produces the world-famous ‘Virgin White Tea’, which is un-touched by human hands. The tea is produced through classic means, with machines that are more than 140 years old.

The Experience

Visitors to the estate will be given a comprehensive breakdown about the tea-history of Sri Lanka, as well as samples of all of the estate’s various teas, served with cake. This experience is quite popular, with luxury villas in Sri Lanka offering their own packages tours, from examples such as Pebbles Beach Villa.

The Man behind the Estate

Malinda Herman Gunaratne has been the sole proprietor since the inception of the estate. He has profound experience in the field, with more than forty-five years in plantation management.

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