Temple of the Tooth Kandy Sri Lanka – A National Symbol of Buddhism

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Kandy’s pride and most revered religious artefact is the Tooth, that resides in the Buddhist Temple located at city centre.

The Tooth

The tooth inside the Dalada Maligawa is said to be none other than Lord Gautama Buddha’s. It was preserved in India, but in the 4th century, King of Kalinga sent the tooth to Sri Lanka so it could be protected from the wars the kingdom was facing at that time.

File:Temple of the Tooth, Kandy.jpg
Koshy Koshy from Faridabad, Haryana, India, Temple of the Tooth, KandyCC BY 2.0

How it came here

When Lord Buddha passed away, his remains were given to the Buddhist nations of the world for worship, and of them all, his teeth were the holiest.

File:Dalada Maligawa Sri Lanka.jpg

The remaining teeth

Apart from the one tooth that calls Sri Lanka its home, the other three teeth are with the Nagas, the King of Gods and in Pakistan respectively.

Where to stay

When you travel to the hills of the island you can stay at any one of the hotels in Kandy. Sri Lanka is known for its tourist-friendly nature and at Cinnamon Citadel Kandy, for example, the staff would be happy to tell you how to act and dress when you visit this sacred spot.

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