The Ambitious Dedduwa Lake Project – Reimagining Mexico’s Mayakoba in SL!

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Rich in biodiversity, the picturesque wetlands of Dedduwa Lake compromises of marshy parklands and paddy fields. Read onto find out how this scenic location is being transformed to resemble Mexico’s Mayakoba!


Dedduwa, Sri Lanka

Dedduwa is located towards the east side of Bentota, a popular seaside destination of Sri Lanka. The idyllic nature filled area is made up of lush paddy fields and fertile marshy lands and water bodies home to a rich and varied biodiversity.

The Project

Proposed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority along with the Southern Development Board, the project seeks to create a zone which will be featuring a series of interconnected resort islets, in the style of Mexico’s Mayakoba.

The Plan

The ambitious project is predicted to be a high-end tourism zone, which would be three times larger than the Colombo Port City. The project would span across 1,800 acres would be a high-end destination which includes watersports facilities, resorts and top luxury hotels in Sri Lanka including the likes of Saman Villas, restaurants and a host of other commercial and entertainment activities.

The Tourism Zone

The tourism zone is predicted to achieve three purposes which include boosting the destination profile of the country, bringing economic value to the resort and the locals in terms of employment. Lastly experiential diversification of Sri Lanka’s tourism portfolio by eons.

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