The Balla Lampoa Museum – The House of Greatness!

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The Balla Lampoa Museum is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia that reflects the glory of the ancient Indonesian culture and its traditions. Read on to know more about this building of great historic significance.

The Building

The building of The Balla Lampoa Museum is a reconstruction of the regal Gowa Palace. The whole complex spans around one hectare and was built in traditional Bugis style. The reconstructed king’s Gowa, building is constructed on stilts that are made of ironwood.

File:Balla' Lompoa Museum.jpg
Cahyo RamadhaniBalla’ Lompoa MuseumCC BY-SA 3.0

The Artefacts

The museum is home to a diverse collection of art and the artefacts that even include traditional weapons such as cannons spears, daggers that were used during the era of Gowa Kingdom. The building itself is a work of art and meticulous architecture.

File:Lontara script.jpg
SankoLontara scriptCC BY-SA 3.0


The Museum of Balla Lompoa is located on Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin No. 48, Sungguminasa, Somba Opu, Kabupaten Gowa, and South Sulawesi. Getting here is easy, and it is a 1 and half hour drive from the city of Makassar.


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