The Best Things to do in Pattaya – Captivating Adventures Galore

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If you’re looking for a holiday that has some beachside relaxation, fun water sports, thrilling nightlife and cultural sightseeing all thrown in, then Pattaya in Thailand is the place for you!

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Spend Time at the Beach

An idyllic stretch of shore where you can enjoy lazy days in the sun or exciting water sports awaits at the beach. When making your Pattaya hotel booking, choose a property within easy reach of the beach where sunbathing or some snorkelling, banana boating, windsurfing or diving can be tried out too.

Explore Pattaya Walking Street

Located near the beach, Pattaya Walking Street is the nightlife hub here. Once the sun goes down, this area close to Travelodge Pattaya comes alive with lots of nightclubs and go-go bars here along with restaurants and eateries. Check out the street carts for more exotic foodie offerings including fried grasshoppers!

Try Local Delicacies at Pattaya Floating Market

Centred around water, this popular floating market with its “water vendors” is a great place to sample some truly authentic Thai dishes and desserts. You will also find stalls selling everything from fruits to souvenirs and you can even take a boat tour and witness life by the river.

Visit the Sanctuary of Truth

One of the most famous attractions in Pattaya, the Sanctuary of Truth is a unique building made completely out of teak, featuring Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. Rising to a height of 105 metres, this amazing structure also showcases Ayutthaya period architecture which makes it a true standout.

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