The best time of the year to visit Bangkok – For the perfect Bangkok experience!

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Yes, of course, Bangkok is one of those places that are blessed with a heavenly tropical climate! It certainly is perfect for a getaway as there is much to see and do here. However, your vacation plans may go to ruin if you end up visiting during the time that the beautiful tropical weather is dominated by rain! Here’s how to decide on the perfect time to go to Bangkok!

Songkran | Image Credit: <a href="">JJ Harrison</a> (<a href=""></a>), <a href="">Songkran 13 - Ayutthaya</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>
Songkran | Image Credit: JJ Harrison ([email protected]), Songkran 13 – Ayutthaya, CC BY-SA 3.0

Weather check

The rainy season hits Bangkok starting in June and progresses through the months right up to October where the weather is at its worst with falling temperatures and bucket loads of rain! Definitely a “no” for your vacation! Temperatures begin to gradually rise in March moving on to April which is the hottest month for Bangkok. May is also a hot month for the city.

Events and festivities

It would be nice to visit during a period where Bangkok is in all its glory. The Chinese New Year usually falls in February, the population that consists of a large Chinese community string up decorations and lights that make the place quite colourful! The most fun festival of them all, Songkran, happens in the month of April where the streets are drenched due to water fights and not rain! The Royal Ploughing Ceremony is held in May during harvesting season.

The best time to visit

The perfect time to visit Bangkok would be the period from November to February when the weather is just nice! However, visiting in April can be fun too despite your clothes getting soaked in sweat! If you are on a tight budget, the best time to visit will be during the raining season as hotel prices are brought down then.

Other information

When planning your vacation to Bangkok, it’s better to book a 5-star Bangkok hotel early as places like Emporium Suites by Chatrium can become fully booked pretty quickly! Not to mention the great offers available for all hotels when booking early. Besides enjoying the weather and festivals in Bangkok, the experience is never complete without a shopping spree in the amazing malls!

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