The Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka – It’s Anytime, But Here Are the Details!

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Sri Lanka is situated in the direct vicinity of two different monsoons and thus has a lush but unpredictable weather system. But what affects one part of the island leaves the other part alone, so you can expect good weather somewhere in the country every day.

The Weather

The Southwest monsoon is very severe and hits the island from April or May to September. Since it affects the west of the country, your best bet would be hotels in Passikudah or anywhere else on the East Coast.

The Northwest monsoon makes landfall in and around November to March and is mild in contrast. Sri Lanka is a tropical country so remember that rain is part and parcel of the experience.

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When to Go

Sri Lanka has a constant temperature all year round with the bare minimum of change. Temperatures vary from 30 to 27 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas and decrease with the altitude to about 20 degrees in Kandy and 17-14 in Nuwara Eliya.

If you’re going to Colombo or the hill country the best time would be at the start of the year. Though rain in the hill country is beautiful and worth observing from somewhere dry. If you’re visiting the East coast March through August would be perfect.

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Best Time to Visit

One should be aware that the times mentioned above are also the seasons to visit these areas in Sri Lanka, so you will find yourself sharing the space with like-minded tourists that have taken weather into consideration. Hotels in the East coast like Amethyst Resort Passikudah would have discounts for the off-season so it’s worth checking those out and enjoying the beauty of Sri Lanka at a time that isn’t mainstream.

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