The dark side of Kowloon: peninsular Hong Kong by night

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Nicknamed by the locals as the ” dark side” the busy and heavily populated Kowloon, is more than just a swirl of neon lighting, gritty markets and tiny crab and beer stalls. Read onto find out more!

Enjoy the Great Views

Take the Star Ferry from Hong Kong Island and disembark at Tsim Sha Tsui on an early evening. Enjoy some truly spectacular views of the city’s skyline along with Symphony of Lights laser shore which kicks off from 8 pm onwards.

Hong Kong, A Symphony of Lights (2).jpg
Krimuk2.0Hong Kong, A Symphony of Lights (2)CC BY-SA 4.0

Shop till you drop

Love to shop? Then pay a visit to the Nathan Road, with its bright attractive lights and sprawling department stores which are open till midnight which draws in hordes of shoppers. Chungking Mansions which backs on to Nathan Road is the ideal place to buy electronics, change currency or simply get a foot massage.

File:Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong - panoramio.jpg
Hiroki Ogawa, Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong – panoramioCC BY 3.0

Check out the nightlife

Checking out the clubbing experience while in Kowloon is a definite must. Some must visit places for a pulsing good time are the Love Da Café, an underground club which is located in an industrial warehouse. The sound system in the club is loud, pulsing and can rival anything on Hong Kong Island. One can also find some great Hong Kong hotel rooms at accommodation providers such as Dorsett Tsuen Wan.

Eat and Drink

Once you travel north along the lively Nathan Road, you will come across Dundas Street. Choose from noodle shops serving steaming bowls of delicious soups, artsy cafes, record stores and breweries selling forty pints of craft beer and zesty bar snacks.

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