The Famous Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok –The One Experience You Shouldn’t Miss in Bangkok

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maeklong railway market
maeklong railway market | Img credit : cegoh via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)


Thailand has no shortage of markets, since they are almost synonymous with the nation’s culture. One market that is unlike anything else is the notorious Maeklong Railway Market.



The Maeklong Railway was constructed in two particular stages, with an initial 33kms and a subsequent addition of a further 34kms, making a total of around 67 kilometres.

The Market

The Maeklong Market is referred by the Thai community as, Talat Rom Hup, which means ‘umbrella pull down market’. This is because of what happens when a train inevitably ploughs through the market. This also happens to be one of the largest markets in all of Thailand where seafood is concerned.

The Famous Phenomenon

When a train arrives, the vendors hastily position their stalls as well as their goods in a manner which leaves the train room to pass with just inches to spare. It’s as if the market itself operates with a sort of hive-mind where it perfectly encapsulates the train as it goes through, before instantly reverting back to its initial position.


If you’re staying at a Sukhumvit hotel along the lines of Emporium Suites by Chatrium then you should arrive early to the market, and bring some water, since the best places to catch the action is at the heart of the market, where it gets most humid and stuffy.






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