The Grand Palace by the Seaside – A Majestic Royal Compound

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The magnificent Mrigadayavan Palace is a royal residence that has become a sightseeing attraction. This striking palace boasts a host of interesting features for the visitor to discover.

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The architecture of the palace

You will see that this handsome palace consists of sixteen buildings constructed from golden teak that are interlinked by extensive verandas. The palace features intricate fretwork, high ceilings and numerous pillars. When it comes to Hua Hin hotels a choice to consider from where this palace may be easily reached would be Anantara Hua Hin Resort.

Samoson Sevakamataya buildings

This group of buildings within Mrigadayavan Palace functioned as the setting of the front court, containing an audience hall, a theatre, an office for the Aide-de-Campe officer as well as a room for the use of chamberlains during night duty.

Bisansagara buildings

The Bisansagara buildings, or the ladies’ quarters, functioned as the residence of the Thai queen and her sister as well as their entourage. These buildings were considered to be the inner court and accordingly, no males, except for the king himself, were permitted to enter them.

Phisan Sakon buildings

This group of buildings was used as the personal residence of the king. These buildings contain the Royal Suite which consists of a bedroom, an office, a dressing room, a dining room and a bathroom. The king’s office only contained a chair and a desk and was used by the monarch to write poetry at night.

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