The Jeju Island Bucket List – Things to do in Jeju!

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South Korea’s tropical island paradise, Jeju is full of so much possibility and adventure that the discerning would first look into some Jeju island accommodation before tackling this bucket list of things to do there.

Jeongbang Falls
Jeongbang Falls | Image Credit : Douglas Knisely from USA, Waterfall on Jeju Island, Korea, CC BY-SA 2.0

Climb a Volcano

Wake up early and scale a peak. The coned Seongsan Ilchulbong Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site covering the Seongsan volcano. You can make the climb to the peak and peer at the cone crater. The volcano is no longer active.

Eat Spicy Seafood Stew

Haemultang is the must-try dish in Jeju for all visitors, especially if you love seafood. Of course, you have the option of picking out fresh ingredients that are floating around in tanks within the restaurants but if you feel squeamish, ask them to cook it away from you as the seafood mostly tends to be alive before the stew begins to boil.

See the Waterfall to the Sea

Jeongbang falls on Jeju island is the only waterfall that falls directly into the sea and is quite a sight to behold. There is a rocky beach below where you can sit and enjoy getting splashed in the cool spray.

Climb Hallasan – The Highest Point in Korea

Hallasan Mountain is the highest point in Korea at 6,398 ft. Hallasan National Park is also a vast ecosystem that features up to 4,000 species of animals and has many famous and picturesque hiking trails. It is quite fascinating as a place to visit as the weather on the mountain is constantly changing.

Eat Jeju Black Pork

Do not leave Jeju Island without trying the famous Jeju black pork. Available at all Korean BBQ restaurants it can be a bit on the expensive side but is worth all the money spent. If you are a connoisseur be sure to ask at your hotel if their restaurants serve a gourmet take on the Jeju pig. Resorts like Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World have delicious versions in their many restaurants.

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