The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery – Join hands to save these marvellous creatures of the ocean!

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The turtle hatchery that is located in Kosgoda is one of the 18 turtle hatcheries located in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Read on to know about the hatchery and the guests which it houses!

Image by Antony Stanley from Gloucester, UK, Turtle Sanctuary, Kosgoda (9824634943), CC BY-SA 2.0

Sea turtles

Sea turtles are one of the most innocent and threatened species of animals in the wild. There are around 7 species of sea turtles and all of them are classified as threatened,

The Hatchery

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is the nesting grounds for over 5 species of sea turtles. Being established in 1981, it is one of the oldest hatcheries in Sri Lanka still carrying out the noble deed.

What they do

Turtle Hatcheries, in general, are places where turtle eggs are collected and are incubated and hatched under artificial conditions. Here the hatchlings are provided with food and care till they reach the ideal size to be let out to the vast ocean.

Getting there

Located close right next to the Galle- Colombo main road you can easily reach here by taxi or public transit form Colombo. Reaching here will be much easier if you are stationed in any of the Ahungalla hotels the likes of Heritance Ahungalla which is just 5.7 km away from the property.

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