The National Wine Centre of Australia – A taste of tannins

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Tasted the sweet wine of Australia yet? Well, if the answer is no then set aside that experience for your trip to The National Wine Centre of Australia on your vacation. Let’s take a look at some interesting things you may come across here;

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Past wine ages
Want to know more about how your favourite Aussie wine came to be? Take a journey back in time at The National Wine Centre with a self-guided tour. Learn the intriguing facts about the processes in winemaking and where Australian wine stands today in the international market. Take the daily complimentary tour at 11;30 am, no bookings required.

Exciting facts
Take a break from your accommodation in Glenelg and stop by at the largest wine cellar in the whole southern hemisphere! Yes, The National Wine Centre of Australia has a cellar large enough to store as much as 38,000 bottles. If you happen to be a wine collector, don’t forget to search the cellars for your pick and maybe get some advice from the team here.

Wine tasting
This is obviously the best part of the experience at the National Wine Centre! Learn the basics of wine tasting and sample from a range of over 120 wines right here! Also, get help finding the perfect wine that is refreshing to your palate and budget as well. Take your wine tasting tour to learn all there is to know about identifying the quality of these yummy wines.

Eye-catching architecture
Stepping into the premises, one will be greeted with the stunning view of a grand structure built of metal and wood. The outer wooden décor of the structure symbolizes the barrels the wine is stored in at the Centre while the earth walls signify the soil of the wine yards. The brilliant architecture has won many awards for its use of natural light, wood and metal. Located just a few minutes drive away from Oaks Plaza Pier, The National Wine Centre is wine lovers’ paradise.


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