The Old Dutch Fort – A Walk Through History

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The Dutch Fort of Negombo is one of the lesser known forts in the country that was originally built by the Portuguese and later fortified by the Dutch after their invasion.

Where is it?

The Dutch Fort of Negombo
                                                             The Dutch Fort Negombo | Img via : Wiklimedia Commons

The Dutch Fort of Negombo is located between the inlet of the sea and the lagoon in Negombo, Sri Lanka, which sets it in close proximity to accommodation options such as Arie Lagoon. If you’re staying in Negombo, a beach resort stay in the only way to go as you’ll have direct access to the island’s beautiful beach.

The Ruins
Following the invasion of the British, at the end of the 19th century, the authorities demolished the fort.

Old Church
An old church known to be about 300 years old overlooks the historic ruins of the fort. The church is now called St Stephen’s Anglican Church, and was handed over to the Church of Ceylon following the end of the British rule.

Other attractions
With a walk through the old town, you’ll soon discover the colonial architecture that’s still intact even today. Many of these colonial houses have now been converted in to hotels, restaurants and bars and cater the large influx of tourists that visits the beach town of Negombo.



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