The Old Zanzibar Fort -Ngome Kongwe

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Known as the Ngome Kongwe in Swahili and the Arab Fort, the Old Fort of Zanzibar is located in Stone Town and is a popular attraction to take in while spending time on the stunning island!

Image by Inisheer, Fort Stone Town, CC BY-SA 3.0


Built in the 17th century by the Omanis, in Stone Town, the Old Fort of Zanzibar is one of the last remaining buildings from the colonial era. Built on the site of a chapel, the fort was used to shield local tribes from the Portuguese. On a rather macabre note, it also went on to serve as a prison and execution point.

How to Get There

The Fort is located on Mizingani Road and can be easily reached via taxi or dala-dala from many a hotel and luxury spa in Zanzibar including the likes of The Residence Zanzibar. Entrance is free, and it would take around 2 and half hours to complete a tour of the site.

Things to See

The renovated battlements and towers provide visitors with some stunning views of the surrounding coastal areas! Other things to see include the massive amphitheatre and various closes.

Things to Do

Those interested in discovering the local culture can head to the information desk to find out the timing of various traditional music, dance and drama performances. Spice and craft shops along with a charming Café is located within the fort which can be visited as well.


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