The Palace of Love and Hope in Hua Hin – The Spectacular Mrigadayavan Palace


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Thailand has no shortage of gorgeous royal structures, especially those built with exquisite materials. The Mrigadayavan Palace, also known as Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is made almost solely of teak.

ManoonpพระราชวังมฤคทายวันCC BY-SA 3.0


This beautiful palace complex was constructed to serve as the summer residence of King Vajiravudh. The designs were made by an Italian architect, Ercole Manfredi, who was one of the famous foreigners under the employment of the Siamese government.


Astonishingly, the king only visited the palace twice before his death. His first visit was in 1924, which lasted three months. The second was during the summer of 1925 when he resided at the palace for two months and passed away during this stay.


The royal compound boasts three groups of buildings with 16 smaller buildings that are interconnected through covered wooden corridors. The palace has been designed to allow as much sea-breeze to enter the buildings as possible.

File:Mrigadayavan Palace by Heuristics.jpg
th:User:HeuristicsMrigadayavan Palace by Heuristics, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Environmental Conservation

This palace was always synonymous with environmental conservation, and King Vajiravudh created one of the first conservation zones in Thailand by prohibiting hunting in the region surrounding the palace complex. The surrounding area, as a result, is gorgeous, and you’ can easily find a Hua Hin luxury hotel nearby, with examples like Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa.

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