The rich history of Jakarta – Looking back at the rise of a capital

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The name Jakarta has been used since the Japanese occupation, considered an abbreviation of the word ‘Jayakarta’. The meaning of the name is also well-known to be “city of the blessing” or “city of champion”. Here’s a little more on the history behind this city.

Jakarta | Image Credit : Gunawan Kartapranata, Jakarta Panorama, CC BY-SA 3.0

Netherlands era

During the Dutch colonization, Batavia (before the city was named Jakarta) developed into an important city. During this time, many Slaves were imported into the country from regions like Bali, China, Maluku and the Malabar coast of India. The Dutch government went on to enact a law reforming the system of decentralization to the wider region.

Japanese Occupation

In 1942 Japan occupied Indonesia, changing the name Batavia to Djakarta. The conditions of the city worsened during this time period, mainly because the Japanese forces scavenged every corner of the city in the efforts to find metal for war efforts. After the downfall of Japanese forces, it later got occupied by the Dutch until the recognition of the sovereignty of Indonesia in 1949.

After Independence

Jakarta’s population increased greatly due to the manpower requirement and within five years, the population doubled. Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia which has the equivalent status of the province. Jakarta today is the largest metropolis in Southeast Asia, and a central hub for business, culture, and politics. Today, it is also a tourist destination with many a hotel apartment in Jakarta, the likes of, Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta.

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