The Significance of Mount Sophia – A Place You Could Ever Desire


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Are you looking for a place to satisfy your cravings for greenery? Plan your visit to witness the Mount Sophia which is one of the few remaining ancient hills in Singapore.


You will hardly find a fascinating place in Singapore which can be compared to the Mount Sophia. During the 19th century, it was a middle-class residential district in the central region of Singapore. This heavenly place speaks volumes about the architectural history of the country. There are different types of old buildings featuring some of the rich architectural elements like timber shutters, lattice shutters, French windows and louvred terracotta parapet vents.

File:Tower House, Mount Sophia, Singapore - 20100821-06.JPG
JackleeTower House, Mount Sophia, Singapore – 20100821-06CC BY-SA 4.0

“Seligi Hill”

Mount Sophia was originally known as “Seligi Hill” which gives a meaning of a wooden spear hardened by fire. According to historical records, Captain William Flint was the first resident of this fascinating place. After this hill was renamed as ‘Mount Sophia’ (means “wisdom” in Greek), many educational institutions were established on Mount Sophia. Singapore’s first skyscraper which is now known as ‘The Cathay’ is at the foot of the mountain.


This scenic mountain is located near to Orchard Road and Selegie Road. If you are looking for an accommodation option within easy reach to this attraction, do consider staying at an apartment hotel in Singapore the likes of Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore, from which the Mount Sophia is a 7-minute drive.

The surrounding area

The fascinating Mount Sophia is surrounded by lush foliage, natural fauna and a beautiful neighbourhood called Heuwelsig. This is indeed a perfect hideaway to enjoy some much-needed peace away from the chaos of the city.

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