The story behind the Richmond Castle – The rise and fall of a Mudaliyar

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Richmond Castle is a colonial mansion located in Kalutara, Sri Lanka with a historical story associated with it. It has a very calm and quiet environment all around and although the worn-out walls add a touch of gloominess, it’ still loved by both the local and foreign tourists.

Owner of Richmond Castle Kalutara
Owner of Richmond Castle Kalutara | Image Credit : The National Archives UK [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

The castle

If you are a tourist residing at any of the Kalutara beach hotels in Sri Lanka, having a visit to this mansion is worth it in addition to the shopping and beach sports that are already in your schedules. From popular tourist hotels, the likes of Mermaid Hotel & Club the mansion is only a 15 min ride away and then it’s all about exploring the beauty of this wonderful creation.

The specialty of it

Simply put, this is the dream mansion of the Mudaliyar Don Arthur de Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardena- a nobleman in a wealthy family. The mansion consists of 99 doors and 34 windows and most of its woodwork and tinted glass work are from countries like Burma and Italy. This is just a small hint of its wonderfulness, the rest is up to you to explore during your visit!

The story of the Mudaliyar

The Mudaliyar was also a successful businessman who dealt with gem and several agricultural industries. Although every aspect of his life was successful his marriage life was not as the couple was not gifted with kids. This made him a hopeless loner in his life and the desire he had for kids is evident by the statues in the castle that can be seen even today.

The castle after the death of Mudaliyar

The Mudaliyar died in 1947 and upon his last will, the castle was left to the public trustee. It had been requested to be converted to a children’s home and even today, you can see a house for the destitute children in the land.

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